10 Ways Your Phone System Helps Your Brokerage Beat The Competition


If your current business phone system on Long Island is only giving your agents basic functionality like phone, fax and voicemail, you could be losing money to brokerages whose communications tools offer agents advanced collaboration capabilities like file sharing, virtual video tours and task management, all of which improve the ability to close deals.

Use the checklist below to determine if your business phone system is differentiating your brokerage and empowering your agents. If you answer ‘no’ to multiple of these considerations, it might be time to consider making a switch.

Does your current phone system:

  • Help you beat the competition by connecting clients to an agent the first time they call using follow-me-anywhere technology?
  • Allow agents to use their office phone number from anywhere, across multiple devices?
    Limit dropped calls by switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks automatically to give your agents the best call quality wherever they’re working?
  • Support virtual showings with robust video conferencing features, so that your agents can show clients homes without the client physically being there?
  • Enhance collaboration with virtual workspaces that keep your teams organized and a step ahead of the competition?
  • Offer clients the ability to connect with their agent immediately, regardless of where your agent is, on a single number?
  • Make agents more efficient with integrated communications tools like chat, video calling and remote access to brokerage phone directories?
  • Make it easy for agents and staff to share documents, listings, photos and contracts on the go?
  • Allow administrators to easily add, delete and manage agent phone access across multiple office locations?

Delayed and untimely communications between clients and agents means lost revenue. If your brokerage is using an outdated business phone system on Long Island that doesn’t deliver the type of functionality outlined above, then you’re likely losing out to other agencies. With a more robust communications and collaboration system, you can empower agents to work more efficiently, deliver exceptional service to buyers and sellers, and close more deals.

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