Management & Monitoring

Ensuring Service Quality and Uninterrupted Operations

Tele-Verse offers Mitel Business Phones Management & Monitoring to serve your needs

Tele-Verse can monitor your network and communications infrastructure to ensure the highest levels of service quality and uninterrupted operations. Mitel Business Phones Management & Monitoring enables all your networks, connections and devices to be monitored and managed remotely from our Intelligent Network Operations Center (INOC). Our highly skilled staff monitors key performance metrics, identifies potential problems before they impact your business and resolves out-of-service issues quickly to keep your data and communications flowing. We also offer an optional INOC Web portal, so your in-house staff can access real-time reports for your Wide and Local Area Networks.

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Key benefits include:
  • Highest Reliability:

    Proactive monitoring and remote management enables our engineers to resolve performance issues before they impact your business.

  • Cutting-edge Capabilities:

    Mitel’s INOC is outfitted with the latest monitoring and management tools available and staffed by highly trained engineers and technicians.

  • Lower Total Cost:

    You have access to expert support whenever required, without the high cost of dedicated, in-house personnel.