Phone Programming, Design & Configuration

Are You Maximizing Your Phone System’s Capabilities?

Trust Tele-verse for cost-effective, performance-focused Mitel business phone programming, design & configuration

Building a customized, optimized communications system to support your business processes requires a thorough understanding of your needs, your challenges and your existing infrastructure. At Tele-Verse we take the time to dig a little deeper to gain a full understanding of what you need currently – and for the future. You can count on us to deliver the best Mitel Business phone programming, design & configuration for your needs.

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Programming specialists are assigned to evaluate your specific communications needs and then working with our team, they design sophisticated, affordable solutions that maximize your phone system’s capabilities. Partnering closely with your internal teams, we’ll ensure your requirements are clearly defined and addressed and your ROI maximized.

Key benefits include:
  • Comprehensive Support:

    Tele-Verse engineers, business process specialists and financial planners work together to define a best-fit solution for your business phone system.

  • Flexible Service Options:

    Support can be customized based on the expertise and availability of your internal IT and communications teams.

  • Industry-leading Expertise:

    Tele-Verse has been delivering complete communications solutions to leading businesses for 35 years.

  • Proven Success:

    With the proven quality of Mitel solutions and Tele-Verse’s installation and service experience, you are assured a performance-driven, cost-effective business phone system.