Trade-in Old Phone Systems

Ready for a New Phone System?

Trade-in Old Business Phone Systems with Tele-Verse

At Tele-Verse, when you trade in trade-in old business phone systems, of any age, in any condition, you’ll receive a credit toward the purchase of a new Mitel VoIP Phone System with a 3 year guarantee parts and labor (trade-in quotes valid for 30 days).

trade-in Old Business Phone Systems

Why buy a new system?

Today’s business telephone systems are smaller, easier to use and program, use less power, take advantage of existing technologies and most are more ‘green’ than ever before. If your current telecommunications system is not functioning at peak efficiency and you are incurring maintenance costs, Tele-Verse can provide solutions that will save you money while increasing usability.

Come visit our showroom at Tele-Verse and experience the latest in computer telephone integration software, IP networking capabilities and the Contact Center Suite Management tools to expedite and monitor your call handling capabilities and protect your investment.