Tele-Verse Voice & Data Solutions: Accelerating Business Efficiency and Effectiveness

Do you want to improve business connectivity – within and outside your organization?
Are you concerned that you’re paying too much and getting too little from your communication tools?
Do you worry you will lose your competitive edge if don’t keep pace with the speed of business communications?

It’s an ongoing challenge – but now you have a partner who can help. With Tele-Verse Communications, we put 35 years of business connectivity experience to work for you. We will help you choose among the myriad Mitel business phone solutions available and build the system that’s best for you – meeting your budget and exceeding your expectations.

Mitel Business Phone Solutions

We offer customized Mitel business phone solutions and maintenance/service from certified and trained employees. Most importantly, as an Exclusive Mitel Business Partner, we lead the industry in innovation. Our clients can rest assured they have access to the most current, best possible options for their business infrastructure.