Cloud Communications

With Tele-Verse and Mitel, Cloud Communications Mean Reduced Costs and Increased Dependability

Cloud communications are an effective way to build, deploy and scale enterprise communications systems

Cloud communications refers to systems that are stored off premises and managed by a service provider. In many cases, deploying business communications in the cloud means lower up-front costs and reliability not achieved by an on-premises solution.

There are three types of clouds: public, private and hybrids. Through Mitel, Tele-Verse offers all three types of cloud deployments; we can construct the optimal solution to meet your cost, security and reliability requirements.

Using MiCloud, every communication application is tied together for greater efficiency, flexibility and to expand capabilities. No other communications vendor offers the breadth of cloud solutions that Mitel does, ranging from basic dial tone services to comprehensive products that enable you to build your business’s own cloud capabilities.

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