Video Surveillance

Gain Security through Surveillance with our Security Camera Installation and Solutions

Tele-Verse provides security camera installation and solutions many small and mid-sized businesses like yours with surveillance solutions to protect your property and assets

Video SurveillanceTele-Verse offers network-centric video surveillance software and hardware to support video transmission, monitoring, recording and management. As a certified provider of Digital Watchdog Surveillance products, we provide proven solutions that you can trust.

The Tele-Verse approach protects your existing security investments, leveraging them to work with new, more advanced products as part of an IP-based network-centric deployment. Our video surveillance products enable any-to-any multi-vendor device interoperability, enabling you to build best-in-class video surveillance systems that optimize performance and capability while remaining value-driven.

Using an integrated services platform, our systems provide instant replay and time-date lookup of selected video at the touch of a button, as well as case management utilities such as ‘tagged’ video. Tele-Verse solutions are capable of continuous, scheduled, alarm, event-triggered and motion-activated recording. Additionally, pre- and post-alarm, event-based, and motion-triggered recording is fully programmable per video channel.

Automated backup ensures preservation of potentially critical recordings. Straightforward application design and deployment enables the ideal solution for any situation. Tele-Verse Communications, Inc. offers advanced video surveillance recording technology. The Digital Video Recorder/Server (DVRS) enables video surveillance over LAN, WAN or Internet. Standard Internet browser compatibility eliminates the proprietary software normally required for remote access and remote surveillance. Since video cameras use standard composite video signaling, the Vistaplex may be used with existing cameras and new video surveillance applications.

What Video Surveillance Features Does Your Business Need?

Tele-verse offers:

  • Search capabilities based on cameras, event triggers and time and date
  • Digital, compressed video storage with authentication
  • Video activity detection
  • Pre and post-alarm/event recording
  • Simultaneous recording and playback
  • Multiple playback sessions
  • Video export with secure authentication watermarking
Why Use Video Surveillance?

Video monitoring not only provides security, but enables businesses to lower operating costs and increase productivity. In many situations, video surveillance equipment can make the difference between total loss and continued prosperity.

Consider these possible uses/applications:


  • Prevent crimes

    Security cameras positioned throughout a business help deter break-ins, theft and criminal activity

  • Discourage violence and bad behavior

    Conspicuously placed cameras have been shown to reduce threats of violence and vandalism

  • Provide evidence for investigations

    Surveillance cameras can provide visual evidence for investigations of criminal activity within or around facilities


  • Enhance productivity

    Surveillance cameras improve communication and accountability, potentially increasing productivity

  • Resolve issues

    View visual proof of incidents in question

  • Prevent dishonest claims

    Visual evidence from video surveillance can disprove false claims of injury on your property made by employees or visitors


  • Monitor access

    Security cameras at entrances can help you monitor visitors and ensure proper sign-in protocols are followed

  • Control crowds

    Maintain order and prevent disruptive behavior by providing clear views of the event/activities and the ability to close up on specific areas and individuals

  • Provide safe entry/exit

    Particularly during busy times, entrances can become congested – video surveillance helps facilitate smoother, access with fewer interruptions

  • Generate goodwill

    Video surveillance shows your customers that you are concerned about their security and safety


  • Monitor continuously and in real-time

    Capture activity as it happens

  • Store footage digitally

    Keep recorded footage digitally on network servers, hard-drives or NVRs where it is easily accessible and searchable

  • Monitor remotely

    View security camera footage from any PC with network access, including multiple sites over the same network with all views accessible online

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